Control de helminthosporium maydis.

Consequently, rational land use and proper soil management — to guarantee normal soil functions — are important elements of sustainable agricultural development, having special importance both in the national economy and in environment protection.

The main soil functions Society utilizes these functions in different ways rate, method, efficiency throughout history, depending on the given natural conditions and socio-economic circumstances.

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In many cases the character of the particular functions was not properly taken into consideration during the utilization of soil resources, and the misguided management resulted in their over-exploitation, decreasing flush a pinworm tojás of one or more soil functions, and — over a certain limit — serious environmental deterioration.

Soil resources are threatened by the following environmental stresses:— soil degradation processes;— extreme moisture regime;— nutrient stresses deficiency or toxicity ;— environmental pollution.

Environmental stresses caused by natural factors or human activities represent an increasing ecological threat to the biosphere, as well as a socio-economic risk for sustainable development, including rational land use and soil management.

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The stresses are caused by the integrated impacts of various soil properties, which are the results of soil processes mass and energy regimes, abiotic and biotic transport and transformation and their interactions under the combined influences of soil forming factors. Consequently, the control of soil processes is a great challenge and the main task of soil science and soil management in sustainable development.

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Scientifically based planning and implementation of control de helminthosporium maydis land use and rational soil management to ensure desirable soil functions, without any undesirable environmental side-effects, require adequate soil information.

In the last years such data were organized into a computer-based GIS soil database in Hungary, giving opportunities for the quantification, analysis, modelling and forecasting of the studied environmental stresses and for the efficient and scientifically based prevention, elimination or reduction of environmental stresses and their unfavourable ecological and economical consequences.

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The actions against undesirable control de helminthosporium maydis stresses and their unfavourable consequences are important elements of sustainable, efficient, economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally sound crop production and agricultural development.

These are joint tasks of the state, decision makers on various levels, the land owners, the land users and — to a certain extent — of each member of the society.

control de helminthosporium maydis