Giardiasis bright yellow diarrhea

He lowers his head and begins quiver his lips and freezes. Due to the female's inexperience, the gate is not opened. When meeting a novel female dog, he began to bare his teeth, snap and lunge at the gate.

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Handlers did not feel comftable placing a muzzle on Rebel, so an off leash interaction was not conducted. With high-value treats and slow approaches, Rebel began to socialize with staff members. He displayed a loose wiggly body and engaged in play for some time but as his length of stay increase Rebel began to display handling concerns.

Initially, the giardiasis bright yellow diarrhea was able to refocus his attention using treats toys and cues when he grabbed their leads, but as he became increasingly frustrated he ignored all attempts and began to redirect his frustration onto their clothing and hands.

This behavior was not reported at intake, and his known history does not report this though it is likely due to the nature of the shelter environment. We cannot be certain whether similar behavior will be seen in a future home environment though recommend practicing positive force-free reward based training when introducing or exposing Rebel to new and unfamiliar situations.

He alternated between carrying a soft squeaky toy and climbing while biting the handler's lead. A second handler joined to assist.

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The first handler offered Rebel a long rubber toy and he latched onto that. She held the toy while Rebel began to tug and she walked him into the room. She was able to place him in the kennel but Rebel whipped around and caught the lead and the toy in his mouth and would not let go.

The second handler offered Rebel extremely high-value treats to redirect his attention. He let go of the lead briefly and the first handler attempted to remove the lead with a hook but Rebel would return to biting and not letting go. This continued for a few minutes.

giardiasis bright yellow diarrhea

But the second handler was able to retrieve the lead. He had a toy in his mouth and allowed for the handler to place the collar over his neck and reach under his chin to grab the other side. Once the collar was almost clipped he dropped the toy and snapped in her direction.

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Treats were offered to him to coax him but he remained fearful. Both handlers agreed to cease their attempts and instead they socialized with him.

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Rebel willing took treats from the handlers and played with a squeaky toy. When he stopped playing, he became anxious. After his session ended, he was walked back to his kennel with a toy in his mouth. Contoh makalah filum nemathelminthes both Rebel and the handler were close to his kennel, Rebel grabbed the handler's rope. He continued to bite the rope, moving closer to the handler's hand.

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Another handler squeaked a toy, and Rebel rushed towards it and followed it into the kennel. Once in, he quickly turned around and grabbed the handler's rope and attempted to pull it in.

It took three handlers and several minutes to distract Rebel from the handler's rope using toys and high-value treats.

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Handler giardiasis bright yellow diarrhea able to get giardiasis bright yellow diarrhea into his kennel while he had the rope in his mouth. Handler 1 attempted to get his attention with a squeaky, but Rebel showed no interest in the sound.

Handler 2 approached Rebel and handler 1 to help giardiasis bright yellow diarrhea Rebel became wiggly when he noticed her. He allowed her to pet him in the kennel while he remained loose.

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Handler one pulled the rope and the movement caught Rebel's eye, causing him to bite at and now pull the rope. Handler 2 then got a rope toy and used it to distract Rebel as handler one pulled the rope out.

He was loose and wiggly and was roped with no issues. Once outside in the pens Rebel would roam around soliciting attention from the handlers by allowing them to pet him all over. Rebel was loose and wiggly during the session. The handler attempted to coax Rebel for several minutes before deciding to walk him back to kennel.

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Later in the day, the handler attempted to clean his kennel, when Rebel jumped forward and huffed. The handler decided to remove him from the kennel and walk him in a new direction, away from the reactive dog. Rebel walked outside, remaining tense with whale eyes.


Whenever someone new approached him he became stiff. Rebel was given time to walk around before being led back to his kennel. The Behavior Department recommends that he be socialized in a more controlled setting until his behavior towards other dogs can be further addressed.

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Reward-based, force-free training can be utilized to help Rebel associate dogs with things he enjoys like toys or treats.

Place with a New Hope partner: Rebel has become challenging to handle in the care center and is not thriving see "in shelter observations". He is observed to intensely leash bite and becomes increasingly aroused, he has escalated to directing his frustration onto handlers as well and has become a safety risk to house in shelter.

At this time, the behavior department feels as though Rebel may be best set up to succeed if placed with an experienced rescue group who can reassess his behavior in a more stable home environment; guidance from a professional and qualified trainer is recommended force-free, reward based training giardiasis bright yellow diarrhea.

Rebel is reported to hard bark and growl at strangers which has also been observed in the care center, please see handout on Fearful and Defensive Aggression. Rebel has been observed to jump up and grab his leash intensely during walks at times, becoming increasingly aroused and unable to readily settle on his own or with handler intervention.